crystal & Herbal Boutique

We are excited to present the largest Crystal and Herbal Boutique in the area. Nestled in our beautiful Langhorne castle, this sacred space is filled with beautiful crystals, gems and minerals to raise your vibration. We have raw and tumbled stones, quartz generators, special specimen stones, herbs and smudging sticks created in house, incense and Reiki infused candles, jewelry made with genuine crystalss. Browse our complete selection of

books, card decks and grid cloths as well as pendulums and wands to ctreate magic in your life. The Boutique hosts intimate workshops with special guest teachers who are experts in their fields to learn smudging techniques, create crystal elixir recipes and crystal grids.

Enjoy a session on the amethyst bio mat to ground and detoxify, or schedule a chakra clearing or Reiki session with one of our experienced practitioners.

Crystal Healing Session

A traditional hands on healing session in which crystals and crystal singing bowls will be used to help open, balance, and align the energy of the different energy centers within the body. Helps achieve relaxation and deep healing.

Price: $85 for 60 minute session

Please call to book a session: